Part of the Red Kite Challenge series, Ras yr Hafod is another stunning trail race situated at the nearby Hafod Estate. The races take place a few days after the Red Kite Challenge, on Wednesday the 8th of May. 

Much like its sister event, Ras yr Hafod will treat you to some truly picturesque landscapes, situated on a challenging yet rewarding course. The beauty of the Hafod Estate is on full display here.

The children’s races start at 6pm, while the seniors and walkers start at 7.15pm.

Entry to Ras yr Hafod is available on the day or alternatively, you can send your entry form and fee via post. The entry form is available here: Ras-yr-Hafod-entry-form-2019.

Please feel free to promote the event by emailing the PDF entry form to your fellow runners or putting it up on your club notice board. Thank you.